FOG Polo Shirt
We have picked out two recommended styles:
On the left, Port Authority® - Pique Knit Polo. K420 for men and and L420 for women  
On the right, Port Authority® - Performance Vertical Pique Polo. K512 for men and L512 for women
In order to see all of the color choices and determine the correct size go to the following website:
From their home page, click on the Polos link.   
On the left, K420 for men and L420 for women is a 100% combed cotton pique. Click on the picture to get the selection of colors. By clicking on the color square you can view the shirt in your color on the model person.  You can order any color, even match your car color. 
On the right, K512 for men and L512 for women is a super subtle vertical texture 100% polyester pique with moisture-wicking performance.
Pricing is the basic shirt price as shown plus the logo emboidering cost ($8) and comes out to $28.50 plus tax and shipping. 
You can actually order any shirt shown on the site, or other accessories as categorized on the left of the first page, and have the FOG logo embroidered, so feel free to browse. 
Once you have selected what you want put all the specs in an email to:  For shirts be sure to include the style (i.e. K420, K512 etc), color, and size.  Put “Porsche 356 Order” in the Subject line. In the email include your name, ship-to address, and phone number.  They will call you when your order is finished and you pay by credit card. Total price will include shipping and tax. Questions call 1-727-845-1578.