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Jeff Hathorn; Melrose, FL

This is our '59 convertible D converted Speedster at a Rennsport event. It is # 86427(German) Euro delivery. I found it resting in a barn in Conn. 20 yrs.(?) ago with all original panels and equipment as well as the Speedster configuration, which it was in when I purchased it, with 111,000 Kilos on the odometer. I believe I am the 4th owner and have cert. from Porsche. It has vintage race parts/config. I was told that the Speedster conversion was done in Germany. I have been talking with a former factory race driver. He says it MAY BE his first race car and is trying to find his old insurance card which has the serial number on it. Jason Hiler (HMR) did the repaint and Jason Lee (HMR) did a complete "top end" redo of the 912 Pellow motor - runs real sweet! Its original motor is in my unrestored '57 rag top bug which I am the 2nd. owner.