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Darrell Davis Collection
March 29, 2008

There were no Porsches in Darrell Davis' world-class car, bicycle, scale model and memorabilia collection, but FOG members were nevertheless in awe on March 29, 2008.  Over fifty FOG members, some of whom had driven more than two hours, visited Darrell's pristine collection.  Having won the highest awards in the country (or world, for that matter) for many of his cars, he certainly had our attention as he explained how his passion was ignited.

Following the visit to Darrell's collection, Mike Owen led us on a three-county tour ending at his beautiful home, where we enjoyed a great barbeque and some lively discussion.  I counted 25 356s parked in front of Mike and Debbie's house - what a site to behold!

 Photos courtesy of Connie Schmitt